Boost Your Productivity with GPS-Equipped Excavators at Donnelley Hire

Author: Author: Javier Ayala, General Manager

As a frontrunner in the earthmoving equipment rental business, Donnelley Hire continually seeks to revolutionize its offerings and provide the best possible solutions to its customers. We are thrilled to announce that Donnelley Hire has teamed up with Position Partners to introduce their ground-breaking GPS technology in our 8T, 14T, and 23T excavators. These cutting-edge advancements in navigation and machine control will make your construction projects more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Experience Unprecedented Precision with GPS Technology

The integration of GPS technology in our excavators offers a remarkable set of benefits to help you complete your projects more effectively:

1. Comprehensive Machine Integration: The GPS system interacts seamlessly with the excavator’s controls, allowing operators to access all of the GPS features through the machine’s control panel.

2. Millimetre Precision: Say goodbye to manual measurements and achieve millimetre accuracy on your job site with the GPS technology at your fingertips. This increased precision leads to reduced error margins and a more consistent outcome.

3. Elimination of Re-work: The GPS system allows for real-time status monitoring of your project, reducing the need to revisit or redo any work – time and money saved all around!

4. Simple Operation: Easy-to-use and uncomplicated, the GPS technology offers a user-friendly interface that will have your team feeling like experts in no time.

Slew and Boom Restrictions for Extra Safety

In addition to the GPS technology, our range of excavators also comes equipped with slew and boom restrictions, making them perfect for anyone working in the rail or power sectors. Slew and boom restrictions control the excavator’s movements, reducing the risk of accidents associated with working in close proximity to railway tracks, power lines, or other restricted areas.

Get Started with Donnelley Hire

Maximize your productivity and efficiency on your next project by hiring a GPS-equipped excavator from Donnelley Hire. These advanced technological features are sure to make your work easier, safer, and more cost-effective. Don’t miss out on staying ahead of the curve – contact us today to reserve your excavator with GPS technology and let us help you take your project to new heights.