7 Reasons To Always Hire Your Equipment & Attachments Instead Of Buying Outright
7 Reasons To Always Hire Your Equipment & Attachments Instead Of Buying Outright

Author: Author: Javier Ayala, General Manager

Your worksite can be a bustling hub of activity where heavy machinery and manpower work in harmony to produce awe-inspiring feats of engineering. However, the cost of purchasing construction equipment is high, and when considering the end-to-end benefits, hiring equipment like excavators, skid steers, rollers and attachments is an attractive option.

If you’re currently in the market to purchase new equipment, upgrade your existing to something new and exciting or are starting your own earthmoving business, here are seven reasons why you should always consider hiring earthmoving equipment and attachments instead of purchasing them and offer some useful insights and tips to keep in mind when opting for hiring.

1. Cost-Effective

One of the primary reasons to hire your equipment instead of buying is its cost-effectiveness. Purchasing an excavator involves a considerable upfront cost, which may drain your budget, placing higher financial strain and tighter success/fail margins on your business. Hiring an excavator and its attachments, on the other hand, is relatively less expensive since you pay only for the hours or days you use it. This, in turn, allows you to allocate your funds wisely.

2. No Maintenance Cost

When it’s your own equipment, you need to factor in its maintenance cost. From regular servicing to replacing parts, the cost of maintaining an excavator can be quite high. When you hire an excavator, however, the hiring company should take care of its maintenance, leaving you headache-free. We keep all of our equipment in peak condition so every time you order a machine from us, you’re guaranteed that it is going to be up-to-date and worksite ready. 

3. Variety of Equipment

Operating across multiple projects and worksites means that you will need to bring your machines to the exact environmental challenges that each project requires. This can be as simple as the right attachments and machine environmental specifications (i.e. Mine Spec). If you buy an excavator, you limit the range of excavation equipment at your disposal. When you hire an excavator, you can choose from an extensive range of equipment and attachments that suit your project requirements. You can even place orders for future projects or deadlines to have the right equipment there when you need it.

4. Upgrade to New Technology

New technology and worksite standards are always being introduced, and it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest and greatest innovations. Some worksites and clients are starting to set the standard that all operators use GPS technology on every machine to enquire a more accurate project completion. If you have an older model excavator and have never invested in the costly GPS upgrades for your machine, your machine and service may start becoming obsolete. Hiring allows you to upgrade to new excavator models and attachments without incurring additional costs while retaining your ability to use modern machinery and technology in your ongoing projects. We offer GPS models with ready-to-use technology on your machine.

5. Ready-to-Use Equipment

When you hire your earthmoving machines, the equipment comes ready to use, eliminating any lead time for assembling the equipment or downtime for repairs. Most importantly, your machinery will be delivered already up to all safety and complaint equipment standards removing any doubt about its usage. This ensures that you can get started on your project with minimal delays and complete it within the deadline.

6. Availability of Experienced Operators

Eliminate the need to hire additional staff and invest time and money to train them. When you Hire your earthmoving equipment from Donnelley, we also offer Wet Hire of machinery allowing you to have an experienced operator to work alongside you.

7. Flexibility

At times, you may require equipment for a short-term project and have no use for it after the project is completed. Purchasing an excavator in such scenarios is unwise. Hiring provides a level of flexibility since you can hire excavators and attachments for as long as your project requires without making a long-term commitment.

Hiring all of your earthmoving equipment and its attachments should always be a consideration, primarily because of its cost-effectiveness, maintenance, variety, flexibility, and efficiency. It also can save you from investing in equipment that may become obsolete soon and hinder the completion of your future projects. The key is to ensure that you choose a reliable, experienced, and highly recommended hire company so that you can focus on your priorities, leaving the rest to the experts!