Rejuvenation Works For Resource Reclamation
Donnelley Hire Lantana Clearing

Manufacturing and production of steel have always been at the heart of the Illawarra community. Over the years, Donnelley Hire has provided our services to help support those at the forefront of production, in particular Bluescope. Recently, our team has partnered with Bluescope to undertake a reclamation and rejuvenation project on a Bluescope site near the inner harbour of Port Kembla.

The aim of this project was to assist the Bluescope team to boost their operational ability by reclaiming stored resources, removing lantana overgrowth, and restoring usable access to the site. The primary issue that needed to be overcome was the overgrowth and abundance of the invasive weed lantana. Previous attempts to clear were unsuccessful due to the dense thicket of lantana that was pervasive in the area. Working with their on-site team, Donnelley Hire swiftly mobilized our resources, including our excavator equipped with mowing and clearing attachments as well as a skilled operator. By providing an experienced operator, we ensured precision, efficiency, and safety compliance for optimal outcomes for all involved in the project. Once works were completed, this resulted in:

  • Clearing and management of Lantana weed.
  • Increased yard capacity and enhanced infrastructure for future works.
  • Redefined stockpile footprint with valuable space to boost operational capabilities and competitiveness.
  • Access points to service pipes allow for possible future expansions.
  • Reclamation of stored operational materials for future manufacturing works.

Access to the yard to allow for fence repairs for added safety.

  • Through diligent efforts and skilled coordination between Bluescope and Donnelley Hire, the team successfully tackled the challenge of lantana overgrowth, reclaiming valuable space, enhancing infrastructure, and paving the way for future expansions. This endeavour not only exemplifies our commitment to supporting local production but also underscores the importance of effective collaboration in achieving sustainable progress. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to serving the needs of our community and contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of the Illawarra region.